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Deltek Vision© Connect for Microsoft© Outlook

A More Intuitive Way to Manage Business Development

Manage business development with Deltek Vision and the new Connect for Microsoft Outlook. Vision Connect enables marketing professionals to perform important and common Vision tasks directly in Microsoft Outlook – saving time and increasing user adoption of your Vision CRM system.

Easily manage your Clients, Contacts, Vendors, Opportunities and Activities directly in Outlook, saving time and making updates easier. Emails, appointments and tasks are recorded and linked to other Vision records directly in Outlook, while maintaining a history of all activities. Utilize bi-directional, incremental synchronization to ensure information in Deltek Vision stays up-to-date, which allows you to perform work even when disconnected. Organize all your data in one unified workspace inside of Microsoft Outlook — it's easy-to-use and there's no longer a need to juggle multiple programs.

In many organizations, business development professionals use two systems to manage marketing and sales activities with prospects and customers – Microsoft Outlook and their internal customer relationship management (CRM) system. Juggling two systems can lead to data inaccuracies and inefficient work processes. With Vision Connect for Microsoft Outlook, business development professionals will be able to manage their business appointments, emails and contacts, as well as manage clients, activities and opportunities – all from Microsoft Outlook. By enabling personnel to manage the Deltek Vision records directly in Outlook, user adoption of Deltek Vision CRM can expand significantly within organizations that use both solutions.

Vision Connect for Microsoft Outlook, offers numerous innovative capabilities that will streamline important business development processes, including:

  • Client, Vendor and Opportunity Management: Vision Connect makes it easy to enter and update client, vendor and opportunity records within intuitive Outlook forms. Users can seamlessly identify and select the most important records they need to manage to drive their business development activities forward.
  • Contact Management: With Vision Connect, it is simple to maintain Vision contact information within the native Outlook contact form. There is no need for multiple contacts folders – the solution manages personal and business contacts that are shared and stored in Deltek Vision all in one place.
  • Email Management: Vision Connect offers a seamless way to create and send emails in Microsoft Outlook that are captured within Deltek Vision. In addition, the solution creates permanent activity records and links email attachments to appropriate records within Deltek Vision to maintain one repository of all business development activities.
  • Bi-Directional Synchronization: Vision Connect also offers bi-directional synchronization that ensures information between Vision and Microsoft Outlook stays consistent and up-to-date. While offline, Vision Connect users can perform all the necessary work they need to do with Vision data in Outlook, and Vision Connect for Microsoft Outlook then synchronizes this data to Deltek Vision as soon as they re-connect. These important synchronization capabilities empower professionals to do work from any place at any time – greatly increasing productivity.

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