A better way to bill for expenses.
Is the word love a little too strong to describe how your employees will feel about billing their expenses with Argos? The Argos Desktop Client refines the way you bill expenses by removing obstacles, enforcing gently but firmly, and asking questions in a sensible way, so that everyone stays productive and happy. The way we see it, happy employees means less resistance, fewer problems, more accurate data, and more reimbursable revenue. And isn’t that the whole point?

Accounting mind-meld, built in.
Argos works with your accounting system to minimize data entry and ensure accuracy. Plug in the basic information about your accounting software, then set up a schedule. Argos keeps everything synchronized; new projects are added, and old projects are removed, so your employees always bill their printing and copying to real live projects. Argos works with Deltek Vision®, Advantage™, Sema4®, FMS™, Axium Ajera, or any ODBC-compliant database.

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